What we offer

The range of services in International Business that Studio Trimarchi offers its customers comes from mature experience, taking advantage of innovative methods and techniques acquired abroad. Its effectiveness and practicality is confirmed by the results achieved so far.

As part of our international business activities, we work in research and development of new markets and / or new products:

-Identifying and analyzing the market or the most suitable markets for our customers
-Elaborating and implementing the penetration strategy to find and create orders
-Formulating web-marketing strategies in line with the market of the host culture
-Identifying and/or developing new products according to the foreign market
-Finding new customers with reliable financial checks
-Finding new suppliers with economic and reliable production checks
-Managing trade negotiations
-Creating and/or consolidating sales structure abroad
-Identifying financial instruments to support projects in foreign countries


Management of company relocation projects abroad:

-Feasibility studies for partial or total relocation of the company
-Executive Projects with identification of steps and goals to reach
-Business plan complete with assets investment, resources and sales forecasts
-Implementation of a networking system with accountants, lawyers and local government agencies
-Management of the project taking care of established timing, objectives and budgets
-Management and coordination of the new company up to the business break-even


Management of projects aimed at research and implement of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions:

-Supporting the company in the process of structural change by analyzing risks and opportunities directly in the field.
-Identifying companies with whom to develop: strategic partnerships (J-V), egalitarian unions (Fusion) or activities of control (Acquisition)
-Developing integration projects between partners in different markets


Management Consulting on operational activities related to the internationalization of enterprises:

-Check-up implementation complete with corrective actions to allow the company to be ready for an internationalization project
-Supporting the management team in the correct implementation of internationalization strategies
-Sustaining the management team during the execution of investments abroad
-Supporting the sales management with the closure of negotiations abroad (with multinational companies, government agencies, etc.)
-Supporting the product/process Halal certification


Professional Training (export office personnel, employees involved in relocation process, personnel, executives and managers in foreign branches) on issues related to internationalization of enterprises, and more precisely on the topics:

-Company assessment in preparation of the internationalization process (company check-ups, initial orientation, identification of functional strategies, identification of financial instruments to support export projects)
-Export Plan development (phases: analytical, strategic, operational and organizational)
-Relocation process abroad (phases: corporate constitution, permission request, research and site adaptation, human resources organization, accounting system, production organization and quality (SPC))
-Administrative, fiscal and taxation activities as part of internationalization projects
-Business Plan for exports (for banks and institutions)
-Export Management (commercial negotiations with multinationals)
-Financial instruments (for starting-up and sustaining overseas processes)


Assistance remote or on site:

-All daily operations required in international business
-Communication: e-mailing and telephoning (in local languages).-Assistance in exhibitions (Italy and abroad)
-Support in missions abroad
-Support during B2B meetings with foreign operators
-Support during incoming visits of foreign operators